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We harvest our peaches around the end of June or the first of July each year through September.  We have many different types of peaches that are perfect for canning, freezing, or eating.  We sell our peaches in half peck, peck, half bushel, and bushel increments so we have the perfect quantity to fit all of your peach needs. 


Here at Knob Creek, we've been growing peaches since the 1970's.  We've had over forty years of experience with peaches, so we pride ourselves in only growing the best peaches we can.  We grow peaches specific to the needs of our customers whether it be for eating, canning, freezing.  White or yellow, cling or free, we've got a peach to fit your taste buds.  Not too keen on the fuzz?  We also grow white and yellow nectarines to satisfy all those nectarine cravings.  Stop by and grab a peck of peaches and a delicious cone of homemade peach ice cream that is made straight from our peaches. 


Peaches are so delicious but there is one thing that can be a little burdensome... the itchy fuzz.  So really what's all the fuzz about?  The fuzz increases the peaches' water retention and helps protect it from insects that crave its peachy flavor.


Here at Knob Creek you'll find that we pick our peaches slightly firm.  We do this with the customer in mind because it increases the shelf-life of the peach without losing any of the peachy flavor.  Peaches are climacteric which means they continue to ripen after they are picked.


Freestone peaches readily come off the pit when ripe.  They are great for an afternoon snack and are harvested later in the season.

Cling peaches cling tight to the pit.  They are ideal for canning although it can be time-consuming to remove as much fruit as possible from the pit.  They are harvested early in the peach season. 

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