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At Knob Creek Orchards we grow a wide variety of fruit.  We open up in the spring each year with strawberries.  In summer you will find peaches and blackberries.  The fall of the year brings us to a close with many varieties of apples.  Be sure to experience the joys of Knob Creek Orchards at every season. 



With eight varieties of apples we like to allow our customers to choose the varieties that best fit their taste.  We set up bins full of our apples, and allow you to bag-your-own.  Feel free to mix-and-match or get all of one kind.  Want a half peck, peck, or bushel?  No problem!  We have different size bags to meet the needs of all our customers.  If you don't feel like bagging your own, don't worry!  We will be more than happy to bag them for you. 

Apart from the fresh fruits that we grow here on the farm, on the porch you will also find a variety of other products like jams, jellies, pickles, canned vegies, and ciders. We even have honey, from hives throughout our orchards. Also, we offer other seasonal fruits and vegetables like onions, tomatoes, watermelons, and cantaloupes.  Be sure to check out all of the products we have on the porch on your next visit. 


Strawberries: April - June

Strawberries: Late October - Early December

Blackberries: June - October

Peaches: June - Early October

Apples: August - December

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