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One of our delicious summer fruits are   blackberries.  They are plump, juicy, and delicious! Anticipated    harvest is from the first of July    to the first of October.


With acres and acres of blackberries, there is enough to fill all of your blackberry needs! We have many varieties of blackberries from July to September. Just as some are preparing to ripen, others are plump, juicy and ready to be picked! 

The blackberries pictured here are a month and a half away from harvesting and, not only are they tasty, but picture perfect as well.  Our anticipated harvest time for blackberries is the first week in July, but harvest times are subject to change based on the weather.


We have all the berries you need to satisfy your blackberry cravings whether you are in the mood for fresh berries, homemade ice cream, cider, or jam!

Apart from our produce building we also grow blackberries for Dole, a large blackberry distribution center.  Through Dole you could be eating our berries at your local grocery store! 

SugarDishMe - Recipe

Photo & Recipe by Sugar Dish Me

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